• Capability

    Preferred Materials
    FR4 Standard Tg Shengyi, ITEQ, KB, Nanya
    FR4 Mid Tg (Lead Free Compatible) Shengyi S1000, ITEQ IT158
    FR4 Mid Tg (Lead Free Compatible) Shengyi S1000‐2, S1170 EMC EM827 Isola 370HR ITEQ IT180A Panasonic R1755V
    High Performance Low Loss FR4 EMC EM828, EM888(S), EM888(K) Isola FR408, FR408HR Isola I‐Speed, I‐Tera MT Nelco N4000‐13EP, EPSI Panasonic R5775 Megtron 6
    RF Materials FR4 ,FR4 high TG, Aluminum ,Polyimide,ARLON, Rogers, Teflon.
    Halogen Free EMC EM285, EM370(D) Panasonic R1566
    Aluminum Backed PCB Shengyi SAR20, Yugu YGA
    Standard Features Standard Advanced
    Maximum Layer Count 20 36
    Maximum Panel Size  533x610mm [21x24"] 610x1067mm [24x42"]

    Outer Layer Trace/Spacing

    (1/3oz starting foil + platig)

    90µm/90µm [0.0035"/0.0035"] 64µm/76µm

    Inner Layer Trace/Spacing

     (Hoz inner layer cu)   

    76µm/76µm [0.003"/0.003"] 50µm/50µm [0.002"/0.002"]
    Maximum PCB Thickness 3.2mm [0.125"] 6.5mm [0.256"]
    Minimum PCB Thickness .20mm [0.008"] .10mm [0.004"]
    Minimum Mechancial Drill Size .20mm [0.008"] .10mm [0.004"]
    Minimum Laser Drill Size .10mm [0.004"] .08mm [0.003"]
    Maximum PCB Aspect Ratio 10:1 25:1
    Maximum Copper Weight 5 oz [178µm] 6 oz [214µm]
    Minimum Copper Weight 1/3 oz [12µm] 1/4 oz [9µm]
    Minimum Core Thickness 50µm [0.002"] 38µm [0.0015"]
    Minimum Dielectric Thickness 64µm [0.0025"] 38µm [0.0015"]
    Minimum Pad Size Over Drill  0.46mm [0.018"] 0.4mm [0.016"]
    Solder Mask Registration ± 50µm [0.002"] ± 38µm [0.0015"]
    Minimum Solder Mask Dam 76µm [0.003"] 64µm [0.0025"]
    Copper Feature to Edge, V‐cut (30°) 0.40mm [0.016"] 0.36mm [0.014"]
    Copper Feature to PCB Edge, Routed 0.25mm [0.010"] 0.20mm [0.008"]
    Tolerance on Overall  Dimensions  ± 100µm [0.004"] ±50µm [0.002"]
    Additional Materials
    Rigid Polyimide: Shengyi SH260, Ventec VT901
    BT Epoxy: Nelco and Mitsubishi
    High CTI FR4: Shengyi S1600
    Flexible Circuit Materials: Dupont, Panasonic, Taiflex, Shengyi
    Surface Finishes
    Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
    Hot Air Solder Level (HASL, Lead and Lead‐free)
    OSP, Immersion Tin,Immersion Silver, ENEPIG
    Gold Fingers, Flash Gold, Full Body Hard Gold, Wire Bondable Gold
    Selective and Multiple Surface Finishes, Carbon Ink, Peelable SM
    HDI Features  Standard Advanced
    Minimum Microvia Hole Size  100µm [0.004"] 75µm [0.003"]
    Capture Pad Size 0.25mm [0.010"] 0.20mm [0.008"]
    Glass Reinforced Dielectrics Y Y
    Maximum Aspect Ratio 0.7:1 1:1
    Stacked Microvias Y Y
    Copper Filled Microvias Y Y
    Buried Filled Vias Y Y
    Maximum No. of Buildup Layers 3+N+3 5+N+5
    PCB Technologies Standard Advanced
    Rigid‐Flex & Flexible Circuits Y Y
    Buried and Blind Vias Y Y
    Sequential Lamination Y Y
    Impedance Control  ± 10% ± 5%
    Hybrids & Mixed Dielectrics  Y Y
    Aluminum PCB's  Y Y
    Non‐Conductive Via Fill (VIP)  Y Y
    Conductive Via Fill  Y Y
    Cavity Boards  Y Y
    Backdrilling Y Y
    Controlled Depth Drill and Rout Y Y
    Edge Plating  Y Y
    Buried Capacitance Y Y
    Etch Back Y Y
    In‐board Beveling Y Y
    2‐D Bar Code Printing Y Y
    Advanced Processes
    Direct Imaging for Innerlayers, Outerlayers, and Soldermask
    Direct Plating for High Layer Count and Microvias Products
    Reverse Pulse Plating
    Solid Copper Plated PTH Vias
    XACT Tooling System for Improved Layer‐to‐Layer Registration
    Spray Coating for Soldermask
    Inkjet Printing for Legend
    In‐Line AOI for Outerlayers and AOI for Final Inspection
    ORMET® Copper Paste for Any‐layer Connections
    ZETA® Material for HDI and Low‐Loss Applications
    Quality System and Certifications
    IPC Specs: IPC‐A‐600, IPC‐6012, IPC‐6013, IPC‐6016 (Class II and  Class III)
    Quality System Certifications:  ISO 9001:2008, TS16949:2009, ISO13485: 2003
    Environmental Certifications: ISO14001:2004, ISO/TS14067:2013
    UL Certification:  File number E229342